Contra Costa County Heroes
Contra Costa County Heroes
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Contra Costa County Heroes

CCC Heroes is dedicated to helping local frontline workers prosper through a wide range of housing benefits. 

CCC Heroes was founded in 2020 by a group of local East Bay professionals who recognized the challenges some of our frontline workers face due to the high cost of housing in our community. They created a network of local real estate professionals that offer savings on their services to help make buying, owning and selling real estate more affordable.


Our housing benefits to include savings on home purchases through discounts on:

  • real estate commissions
  • valuations for mortgage refinances and purchases
  • painting services
  • termite and pest inspections
  • home inspections
  • property management
  • staging
  • electrical inspections
  • plumbing inspections
  • pool inspections
  • roof inspections


Real estate professionals in the CCC Heroes Network provide savings on their services for frontline workers. When purchasing a home, you can access three types of savings:

Lender Credit

Loan officers in our network will waive processing fees and credit report fees. Lender savings vary depending on the individual, so check our network directory to see what each lender offers. Communicate early on with your lender that you would like to take advantage of the CCC Heroes Benefits Package.

Real Estate Agent Credit

Real estate agents in our network credit 20% of their commission* to help cover your closing costs! The buyer receives these savings through escrow as a credit to closing costs. This contribution is available to the extent allowed by your lender. Please make sure your lender and escrow agent are aware of the commission credit you are receiving in order to credit it properly. 

Inspection Company Savings

Check our network directory to see which companies offer savings.

Savings will vary based on the real estate partners you work with and the purchase price of the home. Here’s an example of the savings for a $600,000 home purchase.

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These figures are for illustration purposes only. Actual settlement costs, including CCC Heroes savings or benefits, will vary for each transaction. Network Partners may be added or removed or may change their contributions at any time.

*Commissions earned and fees charged vary depending on transaction. Actual settlement costs, including CCC Heroes savings, will vary for each transaction.

Note: The real estate agent commission credit is available to the extent allowed by your lender and is capped at $7,500. Please make sure your lender and escrow agent are aware of the commission credit in order to credit it to you properly.

Eligibility: This benefit is available for owner-occupied residences in Contra Costa County.

Mark Pages-Oliver, MBA

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Range Real Estate
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